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Do not use wet diapers, teach you the elegant treatment of diapers

2016-12-07 15:00:59

Summary: The change nappy friends ~ ~ and have to change friends. If you're a novice mom or dad, you're probably a little shocked by the high frequency of newborn diapers. Whether you use cloth diapers or diapers, you may use a thousand diapers in the first year of your newborn. Focus on small series to tell you how to deal with diapers and diaper rash, lists some of the common problems when using diapers, and teach you how to elegant and humorous treatment of diapers.

How many pieces of baby diapers?

Whether you are going to use diapers, diapers, or a mixture of two, the first problem is about how many tablets a day. We consulted mothers, dads, and pediatricians, and their predictions were very similar: they were expected to use 10-12 tablets per day. Of course, each baby's situation is different. Some babies boo and pooch more frequently; others are less frequent. For your baby, under normal circumstances is to use the normal number.

What size of diapers do I need?

Cloth diapers are usually only one size. For diapers, baby to say what the code number of diapers, it is not a very easy thing Oh. Diaper size is divided according to weight, but the number of yards under different weight overlap. For example, your baby about 22 pounds, then buy the domestic M, 14-26 pounds of baby, buy the domestic L, 20-34 pounds of baby, buy the domestic XL. (Data for reference only)

Tips: Mom and Dad are advised to give the baby to choose the appropriate code number, when buying diapers to ensure that diapers do not Le baby's thigh. If you often encounter leakage of urine, it is likely to need to increase or decrease the number of a number of diaper.

How to prevent diaper rash?

(1) Replace diaper more frequently than usual.

(2) If possible, replace the diaper when the baby's ass to open the wind first.

(3) when changing diaper, the use of non-flavor of the mother's milk soap and warm water to wash the baby's ass. Contains fragrance and deodorant soap on the baby's skin is harmful.

(4) If you use the baby wipes, to choose non-aromatic, non-alcoholic and chemical composition of the wipes.

(5) washing cloth diapers and baby clothes, do not use fiber spinning softener, anti-static or aromatic laundry soap. These things may cause diaper rash.

(6) Do not let the baby eat any food that may increase diaper rash.

Treatment of diaper rash

(1) non-prescription zinc oxide ointment can eliminate diaper rash.

(2) by the inflammation and allergies caused by diaper rash, the use of mild topical zinc oxide ointment or petrolatum ointment can play a mitigation.

(3) diaper rash caused by bacterial infection - usually caused by staphylococci or streptococci - looks rash or sometimes herpes. Drug treatment is required. Your pediatrician may prescribe some antibiotics.

(4) from the yeast infection of diaper rash, the baby's physician may recommend the use of prescription topical antibiotic ointment.