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Home Depot new listing Jingzheng show won praise

2016-12-07 15:02:50

Beijing in April, catkins Piaofei, spring is bright, in the meantime the 23rd Beijing is Beijing grand opening and victory ended, ending three days of baby industry event. Home Depot from Quanzhou diapers to bring new surprises unveiled Pavilion, and access to industry channels and consumer praise.

    Xiao Bian in the field to see, whether Home Depot booth design or product packaging design people are very comfortable to see. Home Depot diaper with blue as the keynote design booth, decorated with pentagonal irregular patterns throughout the booth, I feel like a warm home in general. Home Depot diaper Meng Meng da cartoon shape, popular consumer favorite.

     Home Depot diapers new products are placed in a prominent position display, attracted a large number of industry channels to stop and watch carefully asked. New design to yellow and blue as the main color, a thick breath of spring blowing.

Home Depot is a day of Jiao and Maternal and Child Health Products Co., Ltd. under a brand, has been adhering to the "care for infants and young children grow, pay attention to women's health" concept.

Home Depot of the exhibitors to win the industry and the channel to the high degree of concern and recognition, has also been a lot of consumers.