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Baby diaper market opportunities Unlimited to seize the consumer taste is the key

2016-12-07 22:10:50

Two children policy full floor, so that the original vibrant maternal and child market to add new vitality, and as the maternal and infant industry in the FMCG diapers, but also ushered in the development of the second spring, according to the relevant statistics, China Baby diapers and baby wipes have seen rapid growth in the past five years, and with the favorable factors such as the second child policy, the market expects the market share will continue to rise. "In order to improve the competitiveness of the baby diaper market in China, companies and brands need to improve product quality first, which is the primary factor driving consumers to change brands," said Li Yujing, senior research analyst at Yingmint. "All baby diaper products , The permeability of the mothers are the key issues of concern.

In this case,

Product permeability is the key

According to a recent study by the UK-China report, "Diapers and Baby Wipes - China, 2016", nearly 60% (66%) of Chinese mothers said they would replace another baby diapers brand for product quality, followed by word of mouth (61% ) Of the reasons. 86% of mothers reported satisfaction with breathability, with the highest levels of satisfaction (91%), absorptive capacity (90%), and mild irritation to the skin (90%), suggesting that breathability was a significant improvement in overall consumer The key to satisfaction.

Product visibility decision brand replacement

In addition to good product quality and good reputation, half (49%) of the mother is also under the brand is known to decide to replace the baby diapers brand. Families with a monthly household income of more than RMB 22,000 are more likely to be influenced by brand-related factors such as "well-known brands (56%)" and "international brands (30%)". This shows that companies and brands if you want to enter the high-end baby diapers market, commercial advertising, marketing activities and brand-building investment is pivotal.

Product features and packaging can not be ignored

"The ease of use (49%)" and "easy to carry (40%)" are also important factors in Mom's brand change for baby diapers, according to a UK consumer survey. In fact, from 2013 to 2015, in the new baby wipes products, "portable" claimed that the proportion increased from 0% to 12.5%, while the use of easy to declare packaging baby wipes products increased from 2.2% to 7.5%.

"Consumers are looking for baby diapers and baby wipes that can help save time and effort, and companies and brands can take the opportunity to invest in new product development and functionality from their packaging and branding to promote baby diapers and wipes, It is important to show that these specific products meet their specific needs, such as high-end and easy to carry, etc. This is also innovative packaging design and new technology can play a role in. "Yingmin senior research analyst Li Yujing continued To.

According to the British Mint consumer survey, Chinese consumers in different occasions using different baby diapers and baby wipes products. They use more baby diapers (51%) during the day and tend to use baby diapers at night or when they leave the house.

In recreational settings, the difference between the use of baby wipes and ordinary wipes was 58% and 33%, respectively, followed by tourism, 54% and 31%, respectively, and social occasions with family and friends, respectively Was 53% and 29%.

"Our survey shows that companies and brands have the opportunity to expand the product range to meet different uses, or promote the use of more convenient products, such as the introduction of more specific occasions for the use of baby diapers, such as baby" "Yu Jing added.

Market growth, business opportunities

From 2010 to 2015, China's baby diaper and baby wipes market grew by 20.5%, its size from 2010 to 1834 million yuan in 2010 rose to the end of 2015 when the 48.17 billion yuan RMB. Yingminte estimates that China's diaper and baby wipes market sales will average annual growth of 12.9% in 2020 to reach 87.97 billion yuan.

Among them, the baby diapers accounted for the absolute dominant position in the market accounted for 97.7% of total sales, baby diapers into the baby market in China earlier. The baby wipes in the consumer penetration rate of up to 99%, the market space is broad.